History & Milestone


Completed qualifying transaction and resumed trading as Tier 1 industrial issuer under symbol “AAP”


Obtained reply to application for cable car operation from Gonga National Nature reserve Administration,subject to further approval of the SFA


Official approval of operation by Ganzi Prefecture Development and Reform Commission


Held major self-drive event with Chongqing Gold self-drive associations

Held Swallows’Gully traveling event with Chongqing’s largest Ganzi Trip Travel Agency


Strategic alliance with Tongcheng Travel Network;one of China’s leading e-commerce platforms


Launch of business at Swallows’Gully (trial launch)

Approval of the construction projects of the Gongga Tianqiong Tianyuan/Tianlu reception centers


Approval for detail planning of Swallows’Gully Scenic District,Hailougou Scenic Spot

Approval of the construction projects of the serice facilities and infrastructure including the service center/roads for tourists of Swallows’ Gully


Signing of Joint Development Agreement by and between Hailou Valley Administration, Ganzi Perfecture and Gongga Terraferma Ltd

Approval by government regarding the construction projects of service facilities of Swallows’Gully


Signing of the Framework Agreement of Joint Investments, Development and Operation of Swallows’Gully Scenic Spot by and between Hailou Valley Administration,Ganzi Perfecture and Gongga Terraferma Ltd

Approval of geothermy exploration for baizfang Hotsprng at Xining Village

Approval for planning of Swallows’Gully Scenic Spot (a famous Scenic Spot at Gonga Mountain)


Registration and establishment of Sichuan Gongga Terraferma Tourism Development Co.ltd.




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